Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Feld Entertainment presents: Phineas and Ferb Live!!

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I will email the winner shortly!! Thanks for participating everyone!!

With so many crazy things happening in the world that we see on the news, our television is almost always set to cartoon channels. One that we all seem to enjoy is Phineas and Ferb! Each episode is imaginative and fun, not to mention the catchy tunes! V even likes to look up the music skits on Youtube to sing and dance around. At the end of the month, we are fortunate to be going to see Phineas and Ferb LIVE!! I know she is going to love this! It will be the first stage performance that she will see.

This performance comes to the Wolstein Center in Cleveland on October 30, 2011. They will have a 1pm show and a 4pm show, so you only have two chances to see this!! Please click HERE for the ticket office page to purchase tickets. Use promotion code MOMDL to save $4 per ticket, limit 6 tickets per discount. This code is not valid for Front Row or VIP seating. The code will be valid through October 30th, 2011. Check out a behind-the-scenes clip HERE.  Also, check out the official tour page!!

If you'd like a chance to get 4 free tickets to one of the two performances on October 30th, 2011 at the Wolstein Center in Cleveland, Ohio, here is how to enter:

1. Just leave a comment below!! Any comment is fine, but you could tell me who your favorite character is if you'd like. Please make sure I can contact you!! You can leave your email in your comment in the form of name at site dot com. (Spelling it out prevents spammers from web crawling stealing email addresses they run across.)

2. Post this on Twitter and copy the direct link to the status update and paste it in as a separate comment.

You have until 10am EST October 15th to enter. Please remember this is only for one of the Cleveland performances!! This show is produced by Feld Entertainment. They are super awesome for providing the tickets for this giveaway!!

Learning Link Education Therapy

We've never had a problem with V's ability to learn. She has always been advanced for her age and in fact got into Kindergarten early after being tested in Spring. She loves learning and playing learning games and activities. The exercises that come with the Learning Link Technologies are fun for her and helps promote cognitive development.

There are tests available on this website to help you diagnose potential learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Knowing how your child is learning or what road blocks they face can help you to find better ways to make learning less difficult. The activities in this program are meant to retrain the brain to make learning and understand easier. There are workbooks, DVDs, online programs and downloads. If your child is having a little bit of a hard time retaining information or even if they just enjoy learning like V, you can check out their program at the links below.


Find them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/learninglink
I'm not sure that this has helped V very much but we have always done workbooks together that I buy from the store and play educational games anyways. I think this program would be great for kids that struggle a little or want to do better than they already are. Skill building is important when kids are young so they can be better prepared as their classes get harder. This program definitely gives you the tools to help build those necessary skills for learning.