Friday, September 30, 2011

Enfamil at CVS

Lately I've been attempting to save us money using coupons. I think I've been doing fairly well. I only use the coupons for things we normally buy. Extra purchases JUST because you have a coupon is not always a great decision. You can even get together with some friends and swap coupons so you get more of the ones for products you will actually use.

I wanted to share a deal with you all at CVS this week for baby care products, specifically Enfamil 23.4 oz cans. Enfamil is on sale for $22 a can. I printed out 2 Enfamil coupons I saw posted on their website for $5 off each (limit 2 per computer or I would've got more!) plus stacked those with 1 $5 off 1 can (didn't have another regular coupon), plus 2 formula checks (one for $5 and one for $4). My total savings came to $28.58. It cost me $20.00. If you spend $30 or more (before coupons), CVS gives you $10 extracare bucks to use on your next purchase. I am always thrilled when I can get a great deal! Baby products are especially expensive so this is awesome!!

Also, do not hesitate to ask your pediatrician's office for coupons or sample cans of the formula you are using. They get it from the manufacturer's to give to patients anyways, so you might as well take advantage. At our last check-up, I asked for coupons and the nurse gave me 2 sample cans each having a $2 off coupon under the lids. I hope this might help someone save some money!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Weekend!

We had a wonderful weekend for V's birthday party! The weather was fantastic and all week it said it was supposed to rain for the weekend. We had family come in from PA, even some that had never been out here until then. I was very happy to see them and get to spend more than just a few minutes visiting! 

The night before, I got V's bicycle put together despite the instructions being in Spanish. The morning of the party, we had to leave early because V had to be in a parade for dance. Afterwards, we went home to pack more things for the party and head over to the park to set up. I had my husband pick up the pizza and a few other things so I could get other things ready as guests started to arrive. She had friends show up from preschool, kindergarten, dance class, and one from our street! I was very happy for her to have her friends show up. We were glad we had enough food and cupcakes for everyone to enjoy plus extras.

At the end of October, we're going to see Phineas and Ferb Live in Cleveland!! I think I'm just as excited to take V to see this as she is to go! I'll be posting about that on October 1st to give more details and to have a giveaway for 1 week for a 4-pack of tickets. I seem to get people to use the promotion code for discounted tickets but not many will actually try for the free ones! I don't get that, but I'll have the code too if you rather just buy them yourself. We are so pleased with the Feld Entertainment shows we've been to and I know my previous winners had a great time as well! Check back Saturday for more information and your chance to win!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My baby is turning 5!!

I can't believe my daughter is already turning 5 years old. She's so smart and beautiful and absolutely hilarious! She learned to tie her shoes and ride her bicycle without training wheels this summer. We had to get her tested for Kindergarten because she wasn't old enough for regular registration. She was the only one in our district that tested for early entrance to pass! She makes me so proud! I was looking back at her baby pictures, wondering where time has gone.

V is also a wonderful big sister for our 6 month old! She plays with her and tries to make her laugh. I know they will be great friends growing up. I fully expect some sibling fights now and then, don't get me wrong. V is just as strong-willed as I am and her little sister might be too haha! Saturday we will all be at a local park, celebrating her birthday. I'm really hoping we get a nice turnout from her friends this year. We're also keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!!