Sunday, September 9, 2012

Been a While

I've been having a hard time maintaining this blog. So many things going on every week between working full time, V's dance classes and my Zumba classes. There's always something going on around here. I'm going to try to get this back up and going though!

These girls are so smart and I love watching them learn new things. V is already in 1st grade! She will be getting tested for the gifted program at school. I'd like her to have as many opportunities as she can to learn and have new experiences. She reads pretty well and her teacher sent home a Junie B. Jones book for her to read. She said only a couple other kids got chapter books, the rest got easier books. She has always been above her age level. She turns 6 at the end of this month! She is taking tap and tumbling for this season of dance. It's already her 4th fall season of dance! I'm always so proud of her!

N is more stubborn. She's 17 months old.  She doesn't really say much of anything yet. She doesn't really like help doing things, she rather do everything herself. She knows how to use the potty but she doesn't know how to tell me when she has to go so we're working on that yet. N is one of the funniest kids though. She will just do silly things and laugh. I think she will be artistic when she gets bigger. She LOVES make up and she loves to put it on other people too! She is really into necklaces and rings and hair clips. V was never really into the whole princess type things other than the dress up clothes. V would rather wear jogging pants and a t-shirt or hoodie any given day. N seems to like skirts and dresses and sparkly shoes. It's so fun seeing the differences in them.

Work is going well so far. I got transferred to a new building last February. I like my position and I feel like I'm picking it up pretty well. I like this building much better because the atmosphere isn't as suffocating. In my previous position, it was discouraged to get out of your seat for anything unless you needed help or had a question. To me, work is about building relationships with people in other departments so you can work together better.

I've been taking Zumba classes since January. I absolutely LOVE it! Our instructor is fantastic! It's sort of like dancing and everything is choreographed so you just follow along. I've never taken any dance classes in my life but it's not difficult AND it's a great workout! I'm trying to lose my baby belly once and for all. We aren't having any more babies so I really want to get comfortable with my body. I feel more confident already and my jeans are loose on me. I plan on sticking with it since I like it so much.

I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to keep going this time in between everything else going on. Have a great week!