Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Week!

This is one of our favorite holidays every year! I love the 'spooky' decorations and costumes. V got to dress up for dance class, trick-or-treat in the local mall, dress-up for preschool today and more to come before the weekend is over! It's so fun to see all the little kids dressed up to be their favorite characters looking so gosh darn adorable. The only thing that disappoints me a little is that they weren't allowed to be anything "scary" for dance or preschool. No witches, no ghosts, monsters, devils or other scary figures. I think that takes away from the spirit of Halloween. I just don't understand the guidelines I guess.

Another exciting event for this week happens tomorrow! We will HOPEFULLY be able to determine the gender of the baby with my sonogram. I'm really excited to find out! I want to start settling on a name and start shopping around for anything I might need before the baby arrives in 4 short months! I know that the time will fly and it will be time to push very soon. I will try to update tomorrow if we can tell!

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