Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Possibly late

All along this pregnancy, I've felt like this baby was going to be late. The last sonogram we had, everything was measuring about a week off, further adding to my suspicions. When V was in my belly, I felt like she would be on time if not a little earlier and sure enough, one day early. Now we all know that no one can really predict the exact date of a baby's birth. When the baby is ready, that's when it's coming. Well, unless you opt for a scheduled C-Section, which I won't. I believe the baby should pick the birthdate when he/she is ready to meet the world unless there is a medical reason to be induced earlier.

I was looking at the Zodiac signs online to see what sign this new baby will have in comparison to mommy, daddy, and big sister V. My due date is March 18th. The sign of Pisces goes to March 20th and Aries begins on the 21st. If you read anything about the signs, the first and last days of the signs are 'cusps' which means the person could have attributes of both signs that occur on the divide. So if this baby were to be born on March 20th or 21st, he/she could have attributes of Pisces and Aries. I believe this baby will come the 22nd if not a little later, but time will tell and it will be interesting to see if it happens or not.

I don't get wrapped up in horoscopes and everything else that astrology brings to the table, but I do like to occasionally check them out and see how the descriptions for each sign compare to myself or others I know. Lots of times it's pretty accurate, whether that be from the broad nature of the description or not. So tell me, what's your sign? Do you think the descriptions fit you?

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